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Image of speech therapist Matthew Innes, a man standing outside, wearing glasses, beard, brown hair


Welcome to Speech Language Learning! As a dedicated speech pathologist, I'm thrilled to meet you and help you improve your communication skills. Visit our clinic today and let's start working together towards achieving your goals.

    My Story

    Matthew Innes (he/him) holds a BA in modern languages and literatures from Kenyon College and an MS in communication sciences and disorders from Teachers College, Columbia University. An educator with over 12 years of experience, Matthew has worked with children, adolescents, and adults as a teacher, tutor, and speech therapist. He has worked closely with clients to overcome difficulties in articulation, receptive and expressive language, literacy, self-regulation, and social communication. Matthew works collaboratively with families and tailors his approach to the individual needs of his students, harnessing their unique strengths to work through speech and language challenges. 


    Matthew takes pride in his ability to craft interventions and strategies that draw on his clients’ interests, which makes therapy more effective and engaging. He also loves to inspire his students with his curiosity and creative endeavors in photography, languages, literature, most recently, building an electric bike and learning to code in Python.


    Reach Out to Us Today to Schedule a Free Consultation!

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